“Proud To Be”

Colorado State University is the classic challenger brand, fighting for awareness as its chief competitor relies on an abundance of resources and a prestigious national reputation to remain top-of-mind. Despite this, over the last decade, more Colorado high school students chose to attend CSU than any other university. In addition, CSU has more Colorado-based alumni than any other university. While the competition may be the flagship, CSU is the mothership. Our 2018 brand campaign, “Proud To Be,” was created to show that CSU’s alumni are the heartbeat of Colorado.

We put a twist on a well-known campus ritual – the “Proud to be a CSU Ram” chant that’s typically heard from students at sporting events. It became the campaign’s unifying element as we featured our diverse alumni working across the state to improve the quality of life in Colorado.


We brought the campaign to campus by branding the University’s history, traditions, and academic programs under the ‘Proud To Be’ banner.

Strategy & Creative Direction:
 Elias Martinez
Designers: Cameron Nelson, Adam Mendez
Video: Brian Buss, Ben Ward, Joe Mendoza
Producer: Mark Hanson, Colleen Rodriguez