Helping Nike find its holiday voice. 

Nike has a rich history of creating innovative and culture defining advertising. Yet, its holiday marketing has traditionally been transactional and gaudy. The team asked us to help them develop a strategy that effectively weaves the Nike brand voice into its holiday activations. 

Nike has only ever spoken to athletes. Holiday is about speaking to gift givers. 

We set out to develop a Nike point-of-view on the holiday season, an idea that speaks to gifters in the same way "Just Do It," speaks to athletes. We began by focusing on what the holidays mean to both audiences. To an athlete, the holidays represent a fresh start, an opportunity to set new goals for the year ahead. Therefore, a gift from Nike allows the gift giver to play a supporting role in their athlete's aspirations.

Ultimately, it's not about what's inside the box. It's about what your athlete has inside of them. Your gift is an expression of your love, support, and belief that your athlete can take their game to another level next year. 

When you give the gift of Nike, you're giving your belief. 


The holiday landing page was filled with guides, stories, and products all aimed at helping make your gift more meaningful by expressing your belief. We aimed to enlist Nike athletes and influencers to tell belief stories and curate gift guides.

The concept was to be carried throughout the site and onto sport landing pages.

Creative Lead: Elias Martinez
Strategy Leads: Nien Liu, Lachlan Badenoch
Design Lead: Peter Petrulo
Producer: David Annis
Copywriter: Jessica Nordell
Partners: Adrian Ho, Eric Frost, Brad Surcey