KiX is here to spark the next creative revolution, brought to you by kids. 

Since 1937, KiX has been trusted by parents to help give their kids a healthy foundation. However, with a host of other breakfast options available, KiX lost relevance and needed to reaffirm its role in kids' lives. KiX's base is a diverse audience of WIC families and suburban soccer moms. While these groups are at different ends of the economic spectrum, we focused on the one things they all have in common – the desire to see their children succeed.

There's a growing community of child development experts that claim the key to a child’s future success isn’t money, access, or academics – it’s creativity. Kids need creativity in order to meet the challenges of tomorrow – to solve the problems that don't exist yet. However, with the recent emphasis on STEM education, parents, schools, and society aren’t equipped to help nurture and grow creative kids.

This became the basis of KiX's brand purpose.


New brand purpose. New brand identity.
We built a simple and playful visual brand language around KiX’s iconic circular shape. Elements included a new logo, website, digital content stream, and packaging overhaul.


Content Strategy
Our content strategy centered on sharing ideas and activities meant to inspire creative play and healthy eating. We began publishing immediately, co-creating with bloggers and educators to develop original content. 

According to an independent study by the Word of Mouth Marketing Association, our content drove fan acquisition 9x the CPG average.  


Packaging Redesign
The box is KiX's greatest asset. It receives more than 120 million quality impressions a year. Knowing that, we transformed the box into an interactive object with perforated blocks and characters which interact with companion digital storybooks. The boxes were exclusive to Target and recaptured shelf space with a key retail partner.


The new strategy invited exciting new collaborations.
We identified media groups, bloggers, startups and grass roots organizations that share KiX's purpose. Together, we created events and experiences that empowered kid creativity and helped introduce the brand to new audiences.

The KiX Creativity Lab at General Mills
This event was also created as a "living case study" to share the power of purpose-based marketing with marketers at GMI. 


KiX Nerdy Derby at World Maker Faire in New York City

By turning the packaging from an object to be recycled into a toy, this is a huge part of fostering creativity and sustainability in young ones.
— Trend Hunter
Kix Cereal posts content nearly 18 times more engaging than the average cereal brand and 21 times more viral than the average Facebook brand page.
Kix takes children’s creativity to the next level with new pop out cereal box designs. The newly designed boxes are totally different than anything else you’ll find on the cereal aisle. No other cereal boxes can become toys!
— Mom Always Finds Out
As a parent who sometimes is lacking in the creativity department, I find it incredibly helpful when there are projects and activities like this that can be bought and utilized easily.
— Simply Being Mommy

Creative Lead: Elias Martinez
Strategy Lead: Adrian Ho
Designers/Illustrators: Brian Danaher, Rachel Hardacre, Keith Van Erdewyk, Matt Volenec
Producers: David Annis, Braden Stadlman, Sarah Heuer, Josh Dick
Copywriters: Jason Zabel, Claire Dawson
Partners: Adrian Ho, Christian Erickson, Brad Surcey