Once-in-a-generation opportunity

Hughes Stadium, built in 1968, was located five miles west of campus.

Hughes Stadium, built in 1968, was located five miles west of campus.

In 2014 Colorado State University made a bold commitment to build a brand new $220 million on-campus stadium. Hughes Stadium, CSU Football’s home since 1968, sat five miles west of campus in the foothills of Fort Collins. While the setting was scenic, Hughes had outlived its usefulness and engagement opportunities were limited as alumni and fans would completely bypass campus on their way to the outskirts of town.

After two years of construction, the stadium’s opening would become one of the most transformational events in CSU’s history.


Creating an experience that’s about more than football

The University’s goal in building the stadium was to create an amazing community gathering place for alumni, fans, and friends. This is unique in the world of college sports, as most stadiums are multi-million dollar shrines dedicated solely to football. My team was engaged to ensure that this original intent was carried throughout the space.



Create a stadium and game day experience that reflects Northern Colorado’s values, lifestyle, and culture.


Northeast and Northwest Concourse

The architect’s original renderings of the Northeast and Northwest concourse walls.

The architect’s original renderings of the Northeast and Northwest concourse walls.

We immediately adapted all of the architect’s proposed environments to reflect our strategy, creating a visual ‘love letter’ to campus and community in public areas.

This approach is most evident in the Northeast and Northwest concourse walls above the New Belgium Porch. This space represented a prime opportunity to demonstrate the University’s commitment to community, while giving fans a cool opportunity to share their experience.


The Northeast concourse wall celebrates Colorado State University with throwback spirit branding. The wall is very popular on Instagram, as our students often post selfies in front of it before moving in to the student section.

The Northwest concourse leads to general fan seating, with premium spaces sitting above. The art celebrates Fort Collins and the surrounding area.

Since opening, the concourse walls have become the second most shared image of the stadium, trailing only the field itself.


Markley Family Hall of Champions

A timeless, branded experience that honors the best of CSU football’s history.


Premium Spaces

 The Orthopaedic & Spine Center of the Rockies features an overhead backlit Ram’s Head logo, the school fight song, and pillars that reference different periods in the school’s history with past logos.


Throughout the stadium, we set out to honor CSU’s rich history and traditions.


Strategy & Creative Direction: Elias Martinez
Designers: Lauren Kroll, Cameron Nelson, Tyler Sinnott, Adam Mendez, Steve Hamaker, Cameron Kinchen, Joe Cooper
Project Manager: Mark Hanson
Stadium Development: CAA ICON