This is an invitation to “Find Your State”

University recruitment campaigns tend to be pretty bland. They all tout the same features and benefits while conjuring up cliche imagery of diverse, smiling students sitting under a tree on a pristine college campus. The reality is, university marketing looks the same because everyone has the same thing to offer – a beautiful campus, top notch academic programs, new facilities, and a caring and engaged faculty. We set out to differentiate Colorado State by telling the story of a college experience that’s so much bigger than campus.


“This is Fort Collins” location video

A new photographic approach

We hired a commercial lifestyle photographer to capture Colorado State from a new perspective. We took our cues from social media and millennial fashion brands and created over 1,000 images that have been used across print, digital, and social. 

2014-2015 CSU Admissions recruitment brochure. 

The CSU recruitment brochure conveys an aspirational view of the University and carries our brand message, while also communicating functional information, such as financial aid.

After the recruitment brochure opened the door, we continued to build a relationship with frequent, lightweight communication containing information relevant to their academic and personal interests. 


We included an "I Found My State" poster in students' admit packets and invited them to share a selfie to #colostatebound. This activation deepened engagement with our admits, increasing the likelihood they would come to CSU in the Fall. 

Our 2015 class posted more than 1,000 images to social media, generating several thousand mentions.

NACAC Colleges Fairs, Denver Exhibit Space

NACAC is the biggest college fair in Colorado, drawing universities from around the globe. As one of its host universities, we felt the need to make a statement – giving prospective students and their families a small taste of the unique culture and atmosphere in Fort Collins. Working with area artisans, we built a custom display using locally sourced materials. We collaborated with a local illustrator to create all of the signage and decorated the table with elements from campus that appeal to the five senses. The wall and table were constructed by a local furniture maker out of reclaimed beetle kill pine.



Redesign of the CSU undergraduate admissions website. 

4,737 New Freshmen. The largest class in CSU's history.

 Applications: +12.5%   |   Ethnic Diversity: +7%

Non-Resident Freshman: +30%   |   Resident Freshman: +5% 

Strategy & Creative Direction: Elias Martinez
Admissions Marketing Director: Leslie Taylor
Designers/Illustrators: Ari Curtis, Lauren Kroll
Project Manager: Mark Hanson
Copywriters: Rachel Gaisford, Even Moore, Will Reutemann, Lindsay Connors
Web Design and Development: Chris Weller, Even Moore