Cheerios is reframing breakfast time, as family time.

Today's families are busy. So busy, in fact, that family meal time is on the decline. This has created a major societal problem because families that eat together regularly are physically and emotionally healthier. Breakfast stands out as one of the best opportunities for families to connect, as most wake up in the same place at the same time. Armed with this insight, we set out to elevate breakfast and make it more attainable.


Enter the Family Dinner Project.

We needed to create new ways for families to better manage their mornings, thus making time for breakfast. So we partnered with The Family Dinner Project, a nonprofit out of Harvard University dedicated to helping families access the benefits of shared meals through tips, recipes, games, and conversation starters.


Together, we created the Family Breakfast Project.

It's an opportunity for families to connect over breakfast via a seven day guide filled with games, recipes, and activities designed to make breakfast easier, more meaningful, and fun.

Our research indicated that seven minutes is all most families need to connect. To prove it, we asked several families to commit seven minutes for seven days and captured their progress. This particular story is tied to Cheerios' Super Bowl spot "Gracie" and featured the family that started the "We Are the 15 percent" movement.

We redesigned to be the home of the Family Breakfast Project and other ongoing content programs. 

The Family Breakfast Project takes the Cheerios experience beyond physical nourishment to one that nourishes relationships.
— The Minneapolis Egotist pure a case of a win-win you’ll see in the realm of corporate social marketing.
— Fast Company
The pitch is for something bigger than just a bowl of cereal.
— National Public Radio
Cheerios is making powerful strides to increase the positive influence of their brand, starting with the family breakfast experience.
— Loyola University Digital Advertising blog

Creative Lead: Elias Martinez
Strategy Lead: Mike Schmidt
Design: Brian Danaher, Rachel Hardacre, Keith Van Erdewyk
Copywriters: Becky Lang, Jason Zabel
Producers: Leslie Brindley, David Annis, Katie Drennan
Partners: Adrian Ho, Christian Erickson, Brad Surcey