Restoring the ideal of homemaking begins with embracing the modern American family.

Since 1921, Betty Crocker's mission has been to empower homemakers. Today, many who act as the homemaker in their family don't identify with the traditional image of homemaking and the stereotypes that surround it, creating a disconnect with the brand. Betty Crocker asked us to help them redefine homemaking and reframe the brand for today's diverse homes and families.

What does homemaking mean today?

We partnered with family studies expert Dr. Stephanie Coontz to develop a report on the contemporary American family and the homemakers behind them. This report touched on different family types and their unique strengths. The report was served up digitally and was accompanied by an anthem video that reflected Betty’s philosophy toward the concept of family.

To humanize our findings, we created a series of mini-documentaries that depicted the daily lives of four different homemakers and their nontraditional families. 


We also created a Betty Crocker experience at Pride in New York and Minneapolis to celebrate with a community that's building upon traditional notions of family. The idea was funded as the winner of General Mills' Bold Experiment competition.

We created a family friendly area within Pride, offering cookie and cupcake decorating. Visitors shared their creations to #bettysfamily.

We invited visitors into a video booth and asked "What is the one thing you want the world to know about your family?" Responses populated a special "Betty's Family" Tumblr.

Betty at Pride case study video.


...the phrase “homemaker” seems old-fashioned, conjuring up images of kitchen-bound women in aprons. But rather than run from the word, General Mills is seeking to put a modern twist on it.
— Advertising Age
Betty Crocker is helping to show Americans that the key ingredient to a family is simply love.
...a commitment to highlighting and celebrating the diversity of families
— The Huffington Post
Betty Crocker’s finding her way into the modern-day American family’s kitchen...

Creative Lead: Elias Martinez
Strategy Lead: Nien Liu
Designers/Illustrators: Grant Wilson, Keith Van Erdewyk, Brian Danaher
Producers: David Annis, Sarah Heuer, Jason Santos
Copywriters: Claire Dawson, Jason Zabel
Partners: Adrian Ho, Christian Erickson, Brad Surcey